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– say victim was constantly harassed by lawmenKevin Maloney in his hospital bedThe relatives of 27-year-old Kevin ‘Fish’ Maloney,Cheap Nike Free Run Shoes, who was shot last Friday night by a policeman, is strongly denying that he attacked the police officer and tried to relieve him of his firearm.A cousin of the injured man, who wanted to remain anonymous, yesterday told Kaieteur News that his cousin who resides at lot 29 Queen Street,Cheap Adidas Sneakers Online, Kitty, was at his friend’s home in William Street, Kitty, when the incident happened.The cousin explained that Maloney would normally go to the William Street residence to “hang out”.He said that his cousin and a few friends were outside of the house drinking when a police vehicle came and the lawmen spoke to them about the hanging in front of the yard.“A white Mark Two car come and ask we what we doing in front of de yard, and we tell de officers them that we tekking a li’l drink”.The young man said that around 23:00hrs another police vehicle came,Nike Roshe Run Online Shop, this time it was dark blue pick up with three officers.He explained that the police came out of the vehicle and started searching everyone who was present.“They come and start searching everybody. I resisted because I tell de police lemme see he hand because them ain’t gon put nothing in meh pocket and seh is me own,Nike Air Max 1 Womens Sale,” the cousin explained.He said that after he resisted from being searched the “black officer” placed his hands in the air and showed him and he allowed the officer to search him.Maloney’s cousin is claiming that after the police officers finished searching him they saw a “joint” and told Maloney that it belonged to him.At this point, Maloney immediately started denying what the police were saying and turned to enter the yard.The young man said that the police started pushing and hitting Maloney with their guns.His cousin is claiming that police officers braced Maloney to a fence and began cuffing him in his abdomen and saying that they were going to kill him.He said that one of the officers fired a single shot at close range at Maloney. At this point some angry neighbours came out and began arguing with the policemen.“After everybody start arguing with the police officers, de (Amerindian) police turn and asked he colleague why he shot de man,Epic React Flyknit Womens, because de boy ain’t do nothing” the cousin told Kaieteur News.After shooting Maloney the officers jumped into the vehicle and sped away,Jordan Sneakers For Sale, warning that they would finish the job. The injured man was taken to the hospital by his sister and an aunt.His sister, Candacy Bennett, yesterday told this newspaper that her brother had a grave injustice done to him.She said that even though her brother had a brush with the law sometime ago, it gives the police no reason to constantly harass him.Bennett said that another set of officers assaulted her brother after they went searching for another Kitty resident.She said that her brother was sleeping when the officers came and were looking for another guy. The sister said that officers didn’t know who they were looking for and assumed that Maloney was the person and began slapping him. After realising that it was the wrong person, the officers left.The sister also said that her brother is being treated as a criminal because he is handcuffed to the hospital bed.Sources at the hospital yesterday told this newspaper that Maloney’s condition is listed as critical. The source further said that the bullet is lodged somewhere close to his heart.The police in a press release are claiming that the 27-year-old man was wounded while resisting arrest for drug possession.According to the police, ranks on a mobile patrol observed Maloney acting suspiciously at around 23:00 hrs and during a search of his person unearthed a quantity of cannabis.He made a dash and was pursued by a rank who caught up with him in a yard. The police said that Maloney pulled a knife from his boot and menacingly attacked the rank resulting in him being shot.

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