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his senior year
McElwain] didn't really invite me back to the stadium, and it felt weird the times I would go up there," Will said. "There was this idea that I knew what I was doing, which was Craig Biggio Womens Jersey not the case. The players would come over to my house, but it was weird to go to the stadium with the staff. The dynamic was just off."
Will even offered to play scout-team quarterback the week of the SEC championship game to help prepare Florida's defense for Alabama. He was turned down for that, too.
"He loved being a Gator. He loved the place, the school, the people, Craig Biggio Womens Jersey he was proud to be a Gator. He was all in," Chad said. "I didn't realize he had been ostracized. I underestimated the impact of what he was going through, and the fact he wasn't doing good. He was in a dark place."
After revealing to his dad that he'd been cut off, Will asked if he'd come with him to meet with McElwain "to figure this out." When McElwain showed up more than two hours late to their appointment, Chad knew it was a bad sign.
McElwain said Will was welcome to stay, but also suggested a fresh start elsewhere might not be a bad idea. After the meeting, Chad told his son, "I don't think he wants you.'"
McElwain later insinuated that the Griers had asked for a "guarantee" that Will would get the job back once he was eligible to return.
"I wanted to stay. ... So I went back and met with him, just one-on-one," Will said. "But it felt like this staff wanted to move on, which is fine, there's no hard feelings toward that. They have their own recruits, their own guys."
Toward the end, when Will agreed to leave, McElwain printed out prepared releases for schools he could transfer to, which precluded the SEC, rival Florida State and future opponent Michigan. Craig Biggio Authentic Jersey And, as Will put it, "left it at thate familyAs one of the top quarterback recruits in the country, Will cast an enormous shadow over his younger brothers.
"I looked up to him big-time," said Hayes, who wore the jersey number 7 because Will did. "I wanted to be just like him growing up."
At one point, Nash was introduced before one of his lacrosse games as "Will Grier's little brother."
Even Craig Biggio Womens Jersey though Will would pass for a national-best 77 touchdowns his senior year, the script was beginning to flip.
Their father Chad, also Will's high school coach, first noticed the shift when he handed a sporting goods cashier his credit card, and caught him inspecting the last name. Chad assumed he was going to invoke Will. Instead, the cashier asked if he was related to Nash.
Within months, Nash's Vine following had ballooned past a million, which gained him an appearance on "Good Morning America," where he hung out with Sylvester Stallone on air

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