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Detective, Rodwell Sarabo and Superintendent of Police, Trevor Reid yesterday faced a series of questions regarding their investigation into the 2008 Bartica Massacre.The incident took place on the night of February 17, 2008, when gunmen attacked Bartica, slaughtering 12 people, including three policemen, during an hour-long strafing.It was reported that the gunmen attacked the police station first, killing three policemen and freeing prisoners.They then took the vehicle assigned to the police station and went on a rampage, terrorising the community and murdering nine others.According to reports, the gunmen arrived in the area by boat and departed in similar fashion taking with them firearms they had grabbed from the police station and from a mining company.Mark Royden Williams called Durant and Smallie; Dennis Williams, called Anaconda; and Roger Anthony Simon, called Goat Man are currently on trial at the High Court for twelve counts of murder.Yesterday the officers who were called as witnesses in the Bartica Massacre trial faced questions from Defence Attorneys Saphier Husain, Roger Yearwood and Peter Hugh.Under cross examination, Detective Reid told the Court that Dwayne Williams was questioned in connection with the killings at Bartica.In response to questions by the attorney, the policeman told the court that former co-accused in the Lusignan massacre, Dwayne Williams called ‘Small Fren’ had given information regarding certain criminal activities being committed at Lusignan and Bartica.The officer also noted that although Williams was questioned about the incident at Bartica, he was never charged for it. The witness said that Williams had only admitted to being at the locations where criminal activities were taking place.The police officers are among some 37 witnesses set to testify in the trial. The case is being presented by State Prosecutors, Diana Kaulesar and Stacy Goodings.Earlier in the trial, ASP Luis Golden told the court that he stood a mere 62 feet away from the Bartica Police Station, the night it came under attack by gunmen.Golden was the Officer in Charge of the station at the time of the incident. He recalled that as he stood 62 feet away, he heard what sounded like gunshots, coming from the direction of the station.He later recalled peeping out from a hiding place and getting a glimpse of a police vehicle speeding off towards the direction of the Bartica Stelling.On Sunday night, February 17, 2008, a number of gunmen attacked the mining community of Bartica, Essequibo, killing twelve residents – Lance Corporal Zaheer Zakir, Constable Shane Fredericks and Constable Ron Osborne; Edwin Gilkes, Abdool Yassin Jr, Deonarine Singh, Errol Thomas, Ronald Gomes, Baldeo Singh, Ashraf Khan, Irving Ferreira and Dexter AdrianAfter murdering the police officers, the gang stole cash, arms, ammunition and a vehicle from the police station. Using the stolen police vehicle, they drove through the streets of Bartica shooting at civilians. They proceeded to CBR Mining,Cheap Jerseys From China, where they stole arms and ammunition, and removed two safes containing cash and gold. And after their one-hour rampage, the gunmen departed from Bartica by boat.

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