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– But moves being made to adopt Barbados ‘best practices’Guyana is looking at Barbados to emulate programmes to achieve successes in improving the life of vulnerable populations, particularly among adolescents.According to Minister of Health, Dr Bheri Ramsaran, it is likely that Guyana will adopt best practices in the area of crafting legislations towards protecting the vulnerable groups.From left: Chief Medical Officer, Dr Shamdeo Persaud; Health Minister, Dr Bheri Ramsaran; and Culture, Youth and Sport Minister,Cheap Jerseys From China, Dr Frank Anthony.The move comes even as deliberations at a two-day International Conference on the Population and Development continued at the Guyana International Convention Centre (GICC) yesterday.The conference was chaired by Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Jennifer Webster, and saw participation from the Ministries of Health, Education and Culture,Cheap NFL Jerseys Online, Youth and Sports. Several Caribbean countries were in attendance.A similar Conference some 20 years in Cairo was significant whereby its outcome produced a declaration which according to the Health Minister is being analysed to determine where Guyana and the Caribbean are.A plan of action was derived in Cairo which mandated that all the participating countries put in place various measures which focused on a number of areas including children as pre-adolescent,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, adolescent groups, young people, the elderly and disabled persons.Minister Ramsaran said that significant activities have happened over the past two days at the Conference Centre and according to him,Wholesale Jerseys Store, “the scene is being set to analyse where Guyana is and some of the things we could learn from fellow Caribbean delegations.”The Minister said, too, that one of the key issues that were discussed was that of providing support for adolescents in reproductive health, the roles of the schools – the system and administration generally and the provision of things that were envisioned 20 years ago to promote the health and wellbeing of the population.In the areas of adolescent health, with a specific focus on teenage pregnancy, Dr Ramsaran said that Guyana currently does not have a good track record of returning young women to schools.“It is still stigmatised but in our constitution all young people are entitled to an education up to a certain age; there is no part of the law which says that if you become pregnant you lose that right.”The Health Minister said that there is a need to work with the wider society to fight against such taboos.Guyana is prepared to embrace the best practises of Barbados in this regard whereby young women who become pregnant are allowed a place in a special school after delivering their babies.Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Dr Frank Anthony, during the conference shared some of the experiences of Guyana in the sectors of health,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, education and youth in terms of what is being done to forward the status and wellbeing of young people and some of the challenges that are being faced.Accompanied by the Minister of Health and Chief Medical Officer,Cheap Jerseys China, Dr Shamdeo Persaud, at a media briefing during a break of the conference yesterday, Dr Frank Anthony said that from all reports Guyana and the Region have made significant progress in a number of areas.The progress, he said, has even seen the scrutinising of areas such as migration, sexual reproductive health, vulnerable sub-population including: adolescents and elderly.“We have seen with the demographic trends that persons are living longer in the Region and that poses its own challenges…so what we have been looking at are individual countries, and  their approaches.”He noted that recommendations will be combined and used a mechanism of forward movement from 2014 and onwards.Dr Anthony explained that a lot of the agreements that had been derived internationally would in a sense be up for review since new five or 10-year targets are expected to be put in place.“At this conference we are already articulating a number of directions in which we want to go…I was on a panel which dealt with issues of education and youth, employment and youth and what kinds of programmes we would like to have in place.”And according to Dr Anthony in the area of education and how it relates to sexual reproductive health, it has been observed that the age for sexual debut in the region is approximately 14 years.He noted, though, that it has been ascertained that with education, girls are more likely to delay marriage, stay longer in schools and this has therefore been dubbed very positive.“When you look across the world sometimes girls don’t stay very long in schools and that can affect how they develop and go forward in life…”Teen pregnancy has undoubtedly been an issue in Guyana, but according to the Chief Medical Officer,Wholesale Jerseys From China, Dr Persaud, the rates have been noticeably decreasing.According to him in 2003 the Under-15 age group for instance accounted for close to four percent of all pregnancies but was reduced in 2011 to just about one per cent.This reduction, according to Dr Persaud, represented less than 100 pregnancies.During the same period too there were about 5.2 per cent of girls between the ages of 15 and 16 who were pregnant but the percentage was reduced to 2.6, Dr Persaud said.

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